how to get straight​ A’s!

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  1. study: study for at least 30 mins a day!
  2. rewards:  reward your self if u got a hundred on a math test or something!
  3.  focus: focus in class and don’t daydream try and keep your eyes on the board.

bonus: invest in noise canceling headphones if you can and block all the noise especially if you’re in a big city.

goals: have goals like get 10 100s in 2 weeks and you can get yourself ice cream.

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everybody I know loves food so why not do a blog post on it. Here are some of my favorite foods for meal prep!

pasta: I like to use organic pasta full of protein because I will kill for pasta and I could probably eat it every day but however pasta is full of fats and not a lot of protein and I try to get tons of protein in my diet. so use organic pasta made out of brown rice or quinoa or anything like that and get at least 12 grams of protein per serving.

chicken: I love chicken so here is a chicken recipe I like to cut mine into little pieces after there done and only season with sea salt no pepper none of that stuff only sea salt and it taste great I get grass fed no hormones none GMOs I only get organic and bake for 30-40 minutes. sprinkle some salt and cut into pieces.

snack: everybody needs a snack so i love to meal prep snacks so prep some dried fruit and a bar and other stuff and done!

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study hacks!!!!!!!!

here some study hacks if you’re in school or a grown up to help you!!!!

study hack 1: planning. when you write down in your planner you would probably write “study for the test” well that being alone is a huge task so here is an example of what you should write instead

Monday: review chapters 1-3
tuesday: review chapters 3-5
Wednesday: review chapters 5-7
thursday: review chapters 7-9
friday: review chapters 9-11

that’s how you do it.

study hack 2: studying: studying can be fun to make it special have colorful pens and markers and act like the teacher and grade your work and invest in noise canceling headphones. It also helps if you listen to classical music.

study hack 3: health: when you don’t put health in your life that’s poor health and as kids AND grown ups you have to have health in your life physically and mental health so even if its eating a salad or eating an apple once a day or taking a walk is so effective and healthy for you so put health in your life somewhere.

study hack 4: dress the part: when you dress more put together you feel cleaner and more productive and less lazy sure it feels good to be comfy but you can still be comfy when you dress the part like instead of wearing shorts and an old t-shirt wear shorts with a clean pretty shirt and trust me you will feel better.

study hack 5: sleep: The final hack is to get enough sleep instead of going to sleep at 6:00 am you should wake up at 6:00 am. when your tired in the day you feel lazy and less productive so plan out your clothes s for the next day eat breakfast in the morning instead of getting fast food to eat a heart-healthy y breakfast and go to sleep at 910:00 pm or 9:00 pm and wake up at 6:00 am.

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breakfast time!!!

lets have breakfast!

healthy no sugar breakfast icecream!

close up photo of person holding assorted flavor ice cream on cone

the things you will need are…

  • mix of frozen rassberries,black berries,straw berries and blue berries
  • half cup milk (or water)
  • 2 tsbp protein powder       (optinal)


blend for 2 miniutes and make sure the batter is thick and pour into a loaf pan.

freeze for 2 hours or overnight and let thaw for 20 minutes or until icecream consienti!


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apps i recomend!

here are apps i recomend: and i do not mean fornite.

  1. 8 ball pool: if you like 8 ball cheeck this app out.
  2. mathcards: lets do math!
  3. wunderlist: make your life more put together.

tips for life: if you ever get a call from a number or contact you dont know do not say hello first let the otherperson say hello first because they could be a hacker and steal your info!

how to make workouts fun!

a lot of people hate working out but I love so here are some tips and hacks to make working out fun!


  1. make a report card yup thats right it makes a working out report card if u eat very healthy then give urself A and if u workout every day give urself A there are so many categories for our mental health!
  2. make a tracking book make a workout book put pics and stickers on the front and track what u did!
  3. drink with a straw this might sound weird but I learned that drinking with help me to drink faster and enjoy it!

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take a break!

okay umm so this week is my birthday so I want to make a tradition for all the bloggers to take a ONE WEEK. break! when it is ur birthday because for me it takes a lot of time to do one post and sometimes it is stressful and hard to think of ideas so I am going to take a one week break and I will see u guys next week!

lie’s your food is telling you!!!

I know every body loves food but truth is even if it says on the front cover that its organic but they might be lieing so u better do your research…

people working at the office desk
  1.  nutrion:    The sign that says organic at your grocie store well it might not always be organic. You know those gluten free oreos well I have them and dont eat them that much only like once every two days. There is still SUGAR in them but just a little sugar is good for you but not alot. So don’t be fooled by those companies selling “organic food”!
  2. energey bars: Those energey bars you that you think are healthy well maybe you should rethink looking on the back. Turns out that SOME not all energey bars have tons of sugar packed in there and there just covering it up. There is still good energey bars like RX bars and laura bars and more I also have another post all about energey bars so go cheeck that out!
  3. ingredeints: There if you don’t know aready there are things called syrups and some like corn syrup can be very unhealthy and is horrible for your health and some “health” companie’s put syrups in their food and try to sell it to you and say  it’s “healthy” but it’s not.