How I memorized my U.S.A regions!

Hey, people of the world! Today we are talking about, how I memorized my U.S. regions! 

So I am in the 5th grade and if you have kids or are a kid use this cause it got me to pass on all the tests of the regions! 

Ok so lets start with the basics!

I used a method that I forgot the name of but I’ll explain it!

So you have all your states right? Yes! So write all of them down. Then write a funny sentence with the first letter of each state name! Then say that sentence 5x and then study where the location of the states are! Then test yourself!

I also like to study the morning or right before the exam so I remember more!


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How I package my orders!

Hey, people of the world! Today we are going to be disccussing how I make and package my braclet/lip-balm orders!

I start out making my products first. (I will make a another post about how I make them!)

Then, I start by taking my pink envalope.Photo on 9-8-19 at 12.41 PM.jpg

(it looks orange but its really pink.)

You can get those at publix for about 99 cent each or go on amazon and a find a better price!

heres a link to some on amazon


Then I put the labels on my lips balms (not for braclets though!)

I then put the products in a little drawstring bag.  You can get them for really cheap at michelas, etsy, amazon and more! Then I put the lipbalms or braclets in to little drawst

After that I put everthing into the envolope includeing a 10% off coupon for there next order if they spend $4.00 or more! I put in one of my business cards and seal the envolope. I don’t usally write their address because I don’t have a online shop I sell them at my parents work place. So, I just write their name and write thank you then give it to them!


Thats it people of the world! Bye!


Diy lip balm! (updated)

Hey, people of the world! Today we are talking about, a diy lip balm!

The things you will need are…

  1. Coconut oil
  2. essential oils
  3. vasiline
  4. tiny tubes or containers
  5. Bees wax (if you want it thick!)

Mix your essential oils, vasiline and coconut oil together, (add bees wax but melt it first if you want it thicker!) Then when its ready put it in the containers and use!

If you make this tag me on instagram @Coffee_queen_lover

See ya people of the world!

Good workouts to do!

Hey, people of the world! Today we are talking about, good workouts to do!

  • Pilaties! Pilaties are a great way to stretch out and have a workout in too! Pilaties are expensive but if you get some equiment or go to a couple classes you realize that its worth it! 
  • Yoga! Yoga is a great stretch also! Its not really expensive and you can do it at home with a youtube video for FREE!
  • Running! Running is great too! If you want to be distracted running than listen to a podcast or music, the podcast I am currently listening to is “Pretty basic!”
  • Swiming! Swimming is great! I do it and you just have to learn 2-3 strokes to be good!


Theres more but those are just a few!!!

bye people of the world!

August favorites!

Hey, people of the world! Today we are talking about my August favorites!

Ok, so I am going to be showing you my August skincare favorites and Hair favorites!


Walgreens micellar water!

This micellar water is AMAZING! It gets rid of almost all of the dirt! It is also free from “parabens, phthalates, sulfates and alcohol!

Bought: Walgreens


Walgreens sensitive skin sunscreen!

Sunscreen is SO IMPORTANT! I saw this famous model who started wearing sunscreen on her neck, face, legs, arms and had barely any sun spots! So I wear this sunscreen everyday!

Bought: Walgreens



Neutrogena shampoo *anti residure*

I LOVE this anti residure shampoo! It gets rid of all the residue that you might have not washed out from your conditinar and shampoo! You use it once a week and use your regular shampoo too!

Bought: Walgreens


Ogx nourishing hydrating coconut oil mist!

You spray it around your hair and it makes it soft and smooth! My hair is very dry and this oil mist is helping me so much! It also has a delightful coconut smell!


Those are just some of my favorites! See ya later!



How to survie school?!

School emergency kit! I have a school emergency kit video so I will link that in the description box!

Be outgoing! If you want to “survive” school you need friends! Friends are the people who we can relay on to help us though life! So to get friends get outgoing! Say “hi I am  ( your name) whats urs?”  You don’t need like a million friends you just need 1 or 3. Honestly my friends in my contacts and one other at school is my closet and I only have 8! So go get some friends and be outgoing! 

Get good grades!   You would have to get good grades like some A’s and just straight c’s. You might have to repeat a year or go to SUMMER SCHOOL! UGH! So I suggest you atleast study for 15 minutes a day! (Even in the summer!) Than you won’t be with your friends!




I hope you liked todays post see ya soon!

Beauty Wendsday! Ep 5.

Hey, people of the world! Today we are doing another beauty wendsday! 

The product we are reviewing is… Savy multitasker! 

So, what is the product?! Well the savy minerals multitaskeer is basicly a multitasker! you can use it as a eyebrow filler, eyeliner, and eyeshawdow!

I used this and its pretty good! I used it and it worked with eyeshawdow and a eyebrow filler but not a eyeliner! If you are not trying to have a bold eyeliner than this product is for you! But for me I like bold ones! It can get messy but if you open it correcly than its good! I would use this! The price is expensive but worth it! think about it if you want crulety free, nautural, 3 products in 1 and makeup for sensitive skin! Those would cost even more than this! Plus you would get very crowed with all these products! So get this its very more efficent! 

Link to the product!

Thats it people of the world! Bye!

Skincare Friday! Ep 3.

Hey, people of the world! Today I am doing another skincare Friday!

We are reviewing…

The young living orange blossom facial wash

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.30.17 AM.png

So, this product is great! I love the orange blossom smell to it! It doesn’t make me break out either! I love products that are all-natural and it’s cruelty-free too! It is on the pricer side but if you want all of this in one product it’s worth it! I mean imagine if you get a cruelty free wash, all-natural wash, orange blossom wash all in one bottle that will equal to the same amount of this facial wash! I also love you can pump it out because I don’t really love the facial washes that you have to squeeze out.

link to the product!

That’s it people of the world! Bye!

Beauty Wensday! Ep 4.

Hey, people of the world! Today we are doing another Beauty Wensday! 

The product we are reviewing are… Savy makeup Primer! 

This primer is a good primer! The primer isn’t tinted wich is a good thing! It has a cooling feeling to it. It dosen’t really feel warm and thats good! People can’t really tell that its on you because it has a nautural look to it! It also helps your makeup stay on longer! This primer is also formulated with Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils! The pirmer also has essential oils in it wich I like! It also has a very nice smell to it! The primer also really helps cover ur blemishs! Its kinda expensive but its really hard to find all these benifits in one product of makeup!

I also like you can’t find these types of ingredients in the makeup! I love nautural and clurety free makeup!

  • Bismuth
  • Carmine
  • Coal tar
  • Dimethicone
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydroquinone
  • Lake dye
  • Mineral oil
  • Nano particles
  • Oxybenzone
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum based ingredients
  • Phthalates
  • Polypropylene
  • Silicone
  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic colorants
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Talc
  • Triclocarban
  • Triclosan

Link to the product!

Thats it people of the world! See ya next time!!!